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The Materia Vitae Blog is now accepting submissions.

Materia Vitae is a blogspace journal dedicated to the explorations and tellings and retellings of folk and fairy tale in the contemporary world.  Focused on ecological and material conversations, it is a space to explore the intersection between real and imaginary, and unpack the binaries between the petrified possible and the living fantastic.


We are currently open for two forms of submissions.

1. Materia Vitae Conversations

2. Materia Vitae Articles

Materia Vitae Conversations

This is a video discussion series exploring stories from across the world. We are focusing particularly on the relationship between wonder, crisis, and the transforming world.

If you are a storyteller, or have a story that you would like to tell in the context of conversation, please get in touch with:

1. A 200 - 500 word summary of the story that you’d like to tell and the discussion you’d like to bring to it.

2. A brief bio (100 – 200 words).

Materia Vitae Articles

We are also welcoming written articles, stories and poetry for the journal which explore the relationship between wonder and the living world.

Some areas of particular interest:

Poetry or prose re-tellings of fairy tale and folklore, with discussion from the author around the tale, its changes and its relevance for today’s world.

Writing that deals with the relationship between:

Fairy tale / folklore and diversity
Fairy tale / folklore and ecology
Fairy tale / folklore and its urgency, relevance and use in today’s transforming world.

If you are interested in submitting an article, please send us your proposed content together with a brief author bio.

Articles should be attached to an email, in word format, double spaced. They should be no longer than 6000 words.


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