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Cinder Story Sessions

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Cinder story sessions are
day long workshops for young people to explore
storytelling with wild

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Appropriate for all key stages
and for home schoolers, we offer
storytelling and creativity sessions,
based around tales of wild 
Cinder children from Russia to 
Greece, Iran to London,
Japan to Haiti and across the world.


In wild woodland or classroom, guided 
by professional storytellers, artists and
teachers, we facilitate exploration of
Cinder tales to celebrate
the diverse multiplicity of story,
inspire creativity, and open up
safe space to discuss
identity, ecology and community. 



Exploring the enhanced agency and power
that Cinder children have in
stories across the world,
we invite young people
to use fairy tales to think
radically about how we
imagine our possibilities and
who it is who writes our stories.

For more information about the Rewilding 
Cinderella project, explore our performances or read about our work.


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about our projects.....

"this course showed me how to connect to the world around me" 
Mile Oak Primary student

"A great cultural learning experience as well as a delightful experience"
Varndean college student

"It has really made me realize just how powerful storytelling can be and what an amazing community you can build by connecting to something so deeply human"  Varndean college student

"I loved getting to meet so many different people from all around the world and having such an amazing group of people to hear the stories with"
-- Varndean college student

"This project was an amazing opportunity. I LOVED performing the play"
-- Mile Oak primary student

"It's been a really restful and free environment, and I think you don't get that very often nowadays. I don't know about anyone else but I just really need that"
-- Varndean college student

For more information
or to book a course,
get in touch


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