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"Walk the ash and gather the bones"

The Film

A fairy tale performance like no other, thirteen artists offer a radical reweaving of Cinderella in this Arts Council funded eco-storytelling concert. Cinderella stories from England and Iran, Haiti and Greece, Japan, Bulgaria and Scotland are woven together with poetry and contemporary folk song, to explore the global, local and intimate journey of the wild ash girl. 

Produced by Joanna Gilar, with direction from Sam Chittenden of Different Theatre, Rewilding Cinderella is a Storytelling Choir creation, featuring world-renowned storytellers, artists and performers Tunde Balogun, Hannah Battershell, Marina Evans, Sophie Gibson, Kestrel Morton, Nana Tomova, Gauri Raje, Laura Sampson, Wendy Shearer, Fleur Shorthouse Hemmings, Philippa Snell and Heulwen Williams.

On the weekend of the 28th and 29th of May, we joined up with Brighton Fringe and the team at Waterhall, a unique rewilding site in Brighton where we created a performance, a walk and a ritual. Audience joined us as we led them through the brambles and briars, hills and dells, to witness ancient stories unfolding from earth, ash and bone.

On Saturday 4th June, the Storytelling Choir moved to the fluid edges of the city, and brought the ash child stories to ONCA's incredible barge space on the waterfront of East Brighton. This performance was followed by a discussion with the artists on the making of the piece and resonances of Cinderella stories in today's changing and transforming world.  

We also ran an online performance on Thursday 2nd June, to explore, and to journey, with the stories around the world. This performance will include live music, film and storytelling, and also be followed by conversations with the artists. A video of this is available on request. 



On Saturday 2nd April, the George Ewart Evans Storytelling Centre,  the Storytelling Choir, and Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival collaborating in bringing together "Rewilding Cinderella", a one-day symposium of presentations, performances and conversation on the complex fluidities and wild encounters of the Cinderella cycle. Featuring storytellers Zahra Asfah (Iran), Rebecca Lemaire (Spain), Hend Al Qattaa (Palestine) Cooper Braun (US), Pyn Stockman (UK) and many others, this was a unique opportunity to explore conversation around the forgotten diversities of the Cinderella cycle. The full day is available to watch below. 


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