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The Song of Lilith
A Tellers, Tales and Tradition Weekend with Shonaleigh Cumbers 
30th August - 1st September 2024, Ditchling


StoryCommons is delighted to host Shonaleigh, the world-renowned tradition bearer and storyteller, for a Tellers, Tales, Tradition weekend in Ditchling, West Sussex. This unique, immersive weekend is a rare chance to hear these ancient tales in the light and on the tongue, stories untold for two generations and barely spoken of for decades.

The Song of Lilith belongs to the Cycle of Hillel, which is the first of twelve epic, latticed, interlinked cycles of stories passed down through generations of Jewish women. Lilith has always fascinated us. Is she demoness or goddess? Wronged woman or strong wife? The Song of Lilith reveals much about her true nature. From the beginning of time, Lilith has been dancing and crying on the shore, calling to all women. In this tale we hear how three women joined her dance… and went on to change the world.

Shonaleigh is a Druts’yla, and carries on a living unbroken oral tradition passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. She knows around 4,000 tales that she can recall on request, using the lost art of ‘stories within stories’.

This is an unmissable opportunity for anyone interested in stories or in oral and lost cultures to come and experience this tradition through listening, requesting stories, and asking questions. 

The weekend will take place in Bluebells cottage in Ditchling, in a garden full of wild herbs, a beautiful place to hear stories that celebrate the ancient connection between humanity, ecology and life itself. 

The weekend is suitable for adults and 14+ only.  

Tickets are £220 per person (accommodation included) and £150 per person (camping).


There are a limited number of volunteer places available to help out at the weekend in Ditchling, where you’d assist during the weekend with cooking, cleaning and organising, and pay a reduced fee. Get in contact to discuss.

Please get in touch with us to book your place. 


Storytelling runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.


Join us on Friday evening from 6pm for a shared meal (please bring bits!) We'll start the storytelling at 7.30, and end around 9.30/10pm.

On Saturday, arrive for 10am, we’ll have stories in the morning, there’ll be a pause for a soup / salad lunch, then some stories after lunch, then break sometime in the afternoon to take an optional stroll. Then there will be stories at 7.30pm and we’ll finish around 9.30/10pm. 

On Sunday, arrive for 10am, we’ll have stories in the morning and we’ll finish after lunch around 2pm.

Do I need to bring anything?

Mostly… bring your good ears and hearts to listen. Bring food to share on Friday night. We'll provide soup and salad for Saturday and Sunday lunchtime.   

What is included in the ticket price:

All the storytelling, Saturday and Sunday lunch, teas, coffees, cake, and biscuits through the weekend.

What is not included in the ticket price?

Evening dinners are not included, but you are welcome to bring bits for us to share together or visit one of the lovely local pubs!  

Any questions and for the full address and travel directions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

For more information
get in touch


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