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The Fairy Tale Atlas 



This twelve week, interactive course is an exploration of the fairy tale and its resonance and ramifications in today’s changing world.


The course is an introduction to talking with fairy tales. It aims to hold a conversation both about and with the old tales, and explores their ancient and modern role in guiding us along the map of life on earth.


The course is relevant to anyone with a genuine interest in fairy tales, whether long time folk reader or curious beginner. No previous experience is necessary, but a willingness to take fairy tales seriously in their dual complexity of light-hearted entertainment and sacred art is vital. Relevant for teachers, storytellers, artists, parents or readers, it is a course that provides space for you to think differently, creatively and independently about these ancient building blocks of folk culture, and opens a door to fluency in the language of the fabulous.

The Fairy Tale Atlas course costs £190 for the twelve week course. The course consists of six modules packs, weekly Zoom seminars and participation in an online discussion group. Please note that the seminars take place on weekends, and dates will be sent out in advance of the course. While we do our best to accommodate all time zones, we do have sign-ups from across the world, so can't always offer every zone the most respectable meeting time.

Please note that if you are interested in this course and cost is a barrier, concessions are available, just contact us to discuss. 



What people say

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The modules were incredibly useful, informative and fascinating. I really loved this course, and would highly recommend it. -- Karen

This was a fabulous course and has introduced me to the art of storytelling, and what we are told by stories. -- Sarah

This course has been the highlight of my fall. The curriculum is fantastic - just enough synthesis of the material, thoughtful, creative course assignments, and many options to take the work in the direction that best suits each of us. -- Kristen

The written material you prepared for us along with the first extensive bibliography are so interesting, generous and clever. I have loved the way you have directed the webinars and the way you have given us clues and profound thoughts about the fairy tales in every encounter. I have loved it. -- Doris

I loved being invited to have my own conversation with the stories rather than being told what they meant or how to interpret them. Thank you – it was utterly magical! -- Joanna

The course surpassed my expectations. Not only what you provided in the way of the packets and your own deep understanding, but the people in the class were amazing and added so much to the discussion.

You did a brilliant job of facilitating an open discussion where you honored all points of view. I loved the questions you raised to ponder. What a global gathering we have had. -- Kathy

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