Storytelling Choirs

Stories for the world we’ve got

A choir of stories rather than songs, Storytelling Choirs are a place to tell - and re-tell together.

The choir runs in cycles of twelve sessions, during which time we explore together a particular story type, working towards a "story concert" in which we all perform the tale in our own ways, whether through poetry, music or oral storytelling. The first choir ran in Brighton in autumn / winter 2019, and culminated with a performance of the wild varieties of Beauty and the Beast at the ONCA gallery. 

Choirs focus on the relationship between wonder and reality. From a social perspective, we explore the history, complexities and possibilities these stories hold around issues of politics, relationships, love, passion and transformation. From an ecological perspective, we explore the wildness embedded with the history of the story; the intrinsic, intimate relationships to land, plants and more-than-human creatures that the story holds.

In spring 2020, we are running both an online and a Brighton-based storytelling choir. The Brighton choir will run on Wednesdays from 6 - 8pm at the Phoenix Therapy Practice in Brighton, beginning February 5th with a performance aimed for the end of April. The online choir will run from March 1st, with a session time agreed on between participants. Participation in either of the courses is £100. If you'd like to book, please use the booking link below, or send an email.

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