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Rewilding Cinderella

From January to June 2022, 14 storytellers, poets, artists and creators gathered together to rewild the story of Cinderella, a global story cycle with ancient roots. Far from a dull story of girl rescued by a handsome prince, we discovered a plethora of complex tales about power, agency and ecology, a living network of stories which invite respect both to our ancestors and to the world around us.

Below is an open library of Cinderella stories, both global, traditional, and contemporary. They include tales from Iran, Greece, Russia, Scotland, England, Haiti, Bulgaria and Japan. At the end of the library you can find extracts from the Rewilding Cinderella concert we created when we brought some of the stories together into an eco-concert of wild ash children.

The Rewilding Cinderella Library

The Rewilding Cinderella Performance

The Rewilding Cinderella Symposium


On Saturday 2nd April 2022, the George Ewart Evans Storytelling Centre,  the Storytelling Choir, and Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival collaborating in bringing together "Rewilding Cinderella", a one-day symposium of presentations, performances and conversation on the complex fluidities and wild encounters of the Cinderella cycle. Featuring storytellers Zahra Asfah (Iran), Rebecca Lemaire (Spain), Hend Al Qattaa (Palestine) Cooper Braun (US), Pyn Stockman (UK) and many others, this was a unique opportunity to explore conversation around the forgotten diversities of the Cinderella cycle. The full day is available to watch below. 

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